Delivering creative, emotive and innovative media for all businesses and individuals in the Lowveld and Nelspruit area, with a strong focus on the tourism, agricultural and corporate sectors.


Nelspruit Media Shed is owned and run by professional photographer and freelance cameraman, Johan Vermeulen and caters for all your photographic, video and web design needs.


Being able to offer photographic, video and web design services in-house, you can be certain of a smooth workflow, from concept to finished product.


Professional photographs are such an important part of showcasing your product or service. Nelspruit Media Shed will make sure that your images are striking, creative and beautifully captured to make you stand out from the rest.


Video content is an important element to have in today’s day and age, and a professional video goes a long way. It is an art on its own to put together a video that captures your attention and tells a story through beautiful visuals.


Nelspruit Media Shed also offers an in-house service for website design; Creating simple, elegant, and visually impressive websites. Now that you have the content, let Nelspruit Media Shed help you put together a striking website.